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What to do when vacations become a cause of stress

Holiday stress

Holidays are supposed to be a chance to recharge and enjoy happier times. However, many return home disappointed with their sunshine break, with many blaming moaning travel partners, expensive food, challenging language barriers…

My suggestion is to keep expectations reasonable, look deeper at what you need from a holiday and what you hope to see and do – you can have a meaningful experience anywhere. And that depends more on you than on the place you are choosing …

Here a few tips I found useful to have a better holiday …

1.Choose the right travel companion Since the typical worker will try to go on holiday once a year, it’s important to start by having an open conversation with your travel companion. Talk about what you’re hoping and expecting to get out of the trip. Many persons admit that the they’d chosen poorly in the past, selecting travel partners who moan, sleep all day and refuse to try the local food Perhaps unsurprisingly then, they end up getting into an average of one argument per day on holiday – usually over where to go and what to do.

2.Choose the personal holiday paradise. We all have different needs and choices. Do you want to sleep all day? Do you want to go out at night, do you want to do some sightseeing…? Do you enjoy the cold weather? There is no perfect paradise, each and every one of us has to find his own…It only depends on your needs and choices.

3. Choose an Available Experience Unexpected costs can change your state of mind. Find out the cost and establish a budget with which you and your companion will feel comfortable Take in account that people tend to behave differently on vacations regarding spending money, and that can also generate a lot of stress between you and you travel partner.

Before I finish I want to add a group these are the ones that pretend to resolve all their couple issues on a vacation… These are the ones I call «Problem-solving holidays». Some couples pretend to solve all their “relation issues” during these holidays…Huge mistake! In most cases couples even admitted to ending their relationship while abroad or when they arrived home, in that case, I recommend take a break.  Avoid all these deep conversations and just try to enjoy the place, there will be time for that when you get home.

Well, hope it was useful. Let me know what you think



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