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About Psychotherapy

The best reason to go to therapy is to get to know yourself better.

The goal of psychotherapy is to understand what you want and need to make your life more productive and satisfying. Work in therapy ends the ability to get to know yourself better so that you can make more effective choices in your life.

My goal as a therapist is to create a comfortable, friendly and safe context in which you can identify and overcome those internal and / or external barriers that have had a tonal emotional impact on your life, making it difficult to develop your potentialities.

This is what is called psychotherapy, a therapeutic process in which you and I establish a bond, we become active partners in search of your self-discovery and growth.

Empathy is one of the fundamental tools we need to have in order to get going. We build the process together based on the fact that you are an expert in yourself and I, in psychotherapeutic methods. Together we will try to discover what is happening to you.

Our approach is focused, they are brief therapies with predetermined objectives. They are therapies aimed at conflict resolution based on the goals set. They are short but not abbreviated.


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