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Professional Services

About 15 years ago, a group of professionals have put together a team to address different areas of psychology and psychiatry. This is how Estrada Vigil & Medical Group came into being.

Throughout these years we have been growing and incorporating different professionals in different areas to meet the demands that were appearing to us. Each area has a referent in charge.

Currently our interdisciplinary team is made up of the following areas:

2020 was a great challenge. The treatments were almost entirely moved to the virtual modality and we had to adapt to those changes.

We saw in the group meetings that many themes were repeated in our patients and the companies brought the same concerns to the consultation. That is why to meet that demand, we decided to get out of the box and began to publish content on the networks regarding the challenges and problems that the pandemic brings us.

From there, the companies invited us to give online talks for their employees. So again, motivated by the demand, we added the communications equipment. This area was born and grew during the pandemic and quickly became the way in which our work became widely known.

Healthcare Area

Individual and Couple Psychotherapy
In charge of Licensed Inés Estrada Vigil and Dr. Helena Isola

In charge of Licensed Eliana Prada

Eating Disorders
By Dr. Graciela Ortense and Dr. Soledad Forclaz

Intrafamily Violence
In charge of Licensed Leonor Martínez

Organizational Area

Psychotechnical Evaluations, Psychodiagnostics, Recruitment, Headhunting
In charge of Licensed Eliana Prada

Communication Area

Content Dissemination
In charge of Licensed Inés Estrada Vigil and Licensed Eliana Prada

Psicodiagnóstico y Evaluación Diagnóstica
Psychodiagnosis and Diagnostic Evaluation
Selección de Personal
Staff Pick
Transtornos Alimentarios
Eating Disorders
Orientación Vocacional
Vocational Orientation


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