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My lifelong passion for understanding human behavior brought me closer to my career today. I took the first steps at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but that was only the beginning of long years of training.

My interest in other cultures led me to the United States where I continued to grow as a professional studying through the Fullbright Commission program at the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Back in Argentina, I began to work as a professional at the Sanatorium that La Trinidad through IPAS, and from there I came to the PROSAM Foundation for OSDE, where I work to this day. In these 20 years of experience I have met excellent professionals with whom I work today. Together we created an interdisciplinary team, a support network for those patients who need specialized help.

My mission as a professional is to create a unique and private space for the person who comes to me to face their reality, knowing that I am there to help them, making all my knowledge and skills available.

«I believe in honoring life. I believe that one does not get depressed by what happens to him, but by the explanation that we give ourselves and what we do with it.»

Inés Estrada Vigil – Bachelor’s degree in Psychology


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