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Home after studying abroad

Going back home after a stuyding abroad experience…

Returning home after studying abroad, as strange as it might sound, can be tough. It is hard to bounce back to reality. Reality that, as you, also has changed while you were gone. Friends and family have also lived different experiences while you were abroad…While you were away certain events took place,things happened not only to you.

Some “study abroad” returnees do not find re-entry to be difficult; but most experience some degree of stress doing so.This does not mean yoou are not «happy’ to be back home its just that home is different than what it was when you left.

After studying abroad, were you were exposed to a new culture, met new friends, had new “adventures”, you get back to your routine and might feel strange, unadjusted or, even sad.

Getting back home can be a time of stress and confusion. Alltough hard to believe, it is, another phase of your cultural adjustment.

Most returnees say that, the most difficult issue to deal with is, family and friends. Sometimes they even want you to “revert“ to the person you were before you left on your studying abroad experience, but change is the name of the game…Everything has changed. You, and, them!

Believe me.I see it as a therapist and ,went through it myself as a returnee .I can still recall my youngest sister complaining about my changes when I got home after my own studying abroad experience!!! She was furious…She missed her «old sister».And that one was gone…


Getting back home can be a time of stress and confusion. Happy and painfull. Sometimes even disapointing… Home sweet home might have a bitter taste.

So, take it as what it is, just another phase of your cultural adjustment. And, as a result you will benefit with tremendous personal growth!

Good Luck and ,please let me know what you think!

Regards, Ines

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