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COVID-19 stress is not taking a break for the holidays!

COVID-19 stress is not taking a break for the holidays!

This is supposed to be “the season to be jolly” and here we are, trying to keep our loved ones and, ourselves safe. It is an understatement to say that Christmas eve will look quite different this year. Yes,the coronavirus pandemic continues to change our normality.

COVID-19 is making us experience a new type of stress In fact ,during this Holyday season we will have some extra and new stressors. . We seem to be adding to the hustle of having too much to do, and too many family members to meet ,with,who will we meet, if anyone,where wil we go. So expect to feel fears, uncertainty, isolation and the loss of our routines and traditions.

Impact on children

As if parenting during a pandemic weren’t already hard enough, now you can add in the pressure that comes with managing the loss of these treasured traditions.

A lot of kids will suffer in silence if they’re worried about upsetting their parents, so if you’re the one with holiday anxieties or disappointments, those need to be managed first, she says. What’s most important is kids need to know that their parents or caregivers have it together, and they need to know that whatever they present to us, in terms of their feelings, that we can tolerate and handle it and it’s not going to break us.

Although the need of social distancing is a concept that as adults, we understand it is not so simple for children. They are impacted by the stress of their parents, so if parents are struggling with their mental health during the holiday’s so will they. Prioritizing «normalcy» for our kids it is going to serve us, too. The traditions of the holidays are just as important to us as it is for them.

Holiday traditions are not just for the kids

If you can, talk with your family now about the fact that the holidays are going to be different this year.Start to make plans to make sure it’s a year to remember in a special way. Ask your kids how they’re feeling. Give them space to have their disappointment and frustration, and empathize with that before you try to encourage them through it.

Discuss your frustrations with other adults or mental health professionals if necessary, so you can give your children the reassurance, stability and structure they’re looking for.

Embrace your feelings The holidays will feel different this year that is for sure. And, whether you will be spending them on your own, or with friends or family members, you will feel different. Whether this brings up grief, relief, or something you did not expect, allow yourself to lean into those emotions. Self-compassion is key.

Make the day your own

Perhaps you, or the close family is on your own this year — time to play by your own rules. Doing whatever you want this holiday will make it a bit more fun. Think of it as an opportunity to slow down and do the things that you want to do.Discuss creative ways your family can safely adjust your traditions to make them possible and joyful during this pandemic

Remember the ‘why’ .It is not going to be easy to turn down an invitation from the people you love this holiday season. It will probably be only plain sad. But when you are feeling low, remember why you made that difficult choice in the first place — to keep those people,your family and yourself, safe.

While it may not feel like it, stressful situations like this holiday season (and really, 2020 as a whole) is what humans are built for. We are more resilient than we know. Trust yourself. We will get over this one too!

Seek for professional help

If you consider that your anxiety , fears, is interrumpting your ability to live,work and, or, love,ask for help.You have no need to go through it on your own,ask for help.

At Estrada Vigil & Medical Group we have many specialistas that will be able to help you through this situation ,in person or online,with the less emotional impact posible.Remembre we can not change the situation we are going through but we can change our actitud towards it.

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