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Holiday season…There we go!

The holiday season is usually incredibly stressful. Seems like during this one we will have the extra pressure of having to have a great one. Looks like the world moves from managing the pandemic to having a new wave, less aggressive as the specialists say, but COVID is still here.

It is an understatement to say that Christmas eve will look different this year, yes, the coronavirus pandemic continues to change our normality and we still must develop more resilience. We need to improve and develop more tools. We will have to use the skills with which we managed to get through 2020 and get on the process of learning new ones…

Extra stress

One of the things we did learn during 2020 is that no one knows too much about this virus. The world was not prepared for a pandemic and the outbreak left us messages. Many of which will still have to be discovered.

People tend to feel more pressure during the holiday season when living abroad. Families and friends insist to gather during these days and those who live abroad swing between getting back to their homeland, traveling somewhere new, or even staying where they are.

This year, ex-pats will have extra stress, they do not know if they can travel, and if they can do so, will it be safe. Will they be able to travel back? So COVID is teaching us a new lesson. What if we just try to take it easy this time and use this impact, rethink traditions, and find some new holiday traditions for ourselves.

Also keep in mind that we are all, like it or not, flooded through social media and advertising, with what the perfect family does or what they look like. We “see” what should be done, how people show their love. It is hard to keep self-focused and not «think that the grass looks greener at my neighbor’s place «. Remember that social media is not necessarily true… it is what I want you to think about me. It is the way I sell my life to others.

Take it easy

Yes, the holidays will feel different this year that is for sure. And, whether you will be spending them on your own, or with friends or family members, you might feel different. Whether this brings up grief, relief, or something you did not expect, just let it be. Allow yourself to just do what you can, take all the extra pressure off your shoulders, and just remember, we have been through a lot these two last years, let us just embrace what we feel. Allow yourself to lean into those emotions. Empathy and Self-compassion are the keys

To end this, take in mind that, while it may not feel like it, stressful situations and holiday season are one of those occasions, which is what humans are built for. We are more resilient than we know. Trust yourself. We will get over this one too!

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