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Healthy relationships matter more than we think

Considering a human rights perspective, a healthy relationship involves our awareness of our feelings and values as well as respecting our partner’s feelings, rights and dignity.

Under healthy relations, we can include different kinds of relations, all very important for our wellbeing. We have family relations, personal friends, and even belonging to the community we live in generates a significant relation that contributes to our mental health

The Vital Benefits of Good Relationships

We know that relationships are important to our happiness but maybe we are not aware of the impact may not know just how vital they are to our health and well-being.

Humans are social animals, We are born connected to others and we need those others to survive the first years of life. We need that other one even longer than other animals. The quality of those relationships directly affects our health, physically and emotionally.

The relationships we form are vital. We need others as children because we can’t live without them. As adults, we choose to be with others, and that is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

How Good Relationships Benefit Health

What makes a relationship so beneficial for our health is the fact that there is an attunement between people, this means they care about each other. and take care of each other.

Once you have learned that you can rely on someone else when you learn that you can share your worries with someone else you build intimacy with this significant other which gives you a huge sense of security that has an important impact on your body

The main thought is that someone else is there for you can listen to you, shares your needs and concerns with you, or even might support you, which gives a sense of safety. Having a healthy relationship keeps fears and therefore anxiety more manageable state.

Healthy relations are based upon empathy and compassion which help us regulate our emotions and therefore prompt longer periods of calm less alarm system, less stress relies on more health.

For a relationship to be important for our wellbeing, it has to be healthy. The secret to a healthy relationship is healthy communication Healthy communication implies always remembering with whom you are speaking, and mainly, ,something a more difficult task, listening without preparing your response, being willing to hear. This means taking the time, finding the space, learn to communicate.

Relations are woth the cost...

To have healthy relations is hard,it ,is difficult to build them and even more difficult to keep them but once you have one you will feel the need to take care of these relations is you want them to last.Taking care of them implies time en effort but,it is woth the cost.

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