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Get ready for aging

Aging might be stressful if you do not get ready for it

Aging is a natural part of life. Today people live longer. As a result, more people fear aging industries in the entire world move around avoiding the aging process. Cosmetics and medicine anti-age move millions of dollars making people believe you can stop aging or, even worse, stay “forever young.” Sorry to tell you, that is just not possible. What we can do is try to age in a better, healthier, way.

Aging is a natural part of life, not necessarily the nicest one but it does not have to be horrible. If we reach this age, we will have to deal with what getting old implies, and not everyone will face it in the same way. Aging connects us with limitations, evaluating our level of tolerance to frustration and checking our ability to readjust to our new circumstances.

aging is a normal part of life

Aging itself can be incredibly stressful and, as it is known, persistent stress might hurt our organism. When we are under stress, our organism feels threatened so it put itself in self “fight-fight” mode sending a huge amount of adrenaline to all our organs. When we are young our organs tolerate this better. As we age, all our body parts have already suffered the pass of time and can manage a lower level of tolerance before they get harmed.

So, this can become a complicated cycle. Aging stresses, stress generates anxiety, anxiety sends adrenaline to all our organs, our body has difficulties reacting, this causes more stress and there it goes again.

As we age our sensitivity is different. Tiny events might stress us, and our ability to deal with them is less effective. Why? Well, fewer brain hormones reach our brain, so our ability to think is not the same, our short-term memory is weak, and our attention might also not be as bright as it was before. Even our heart and our lungs are all working slower to cut it short, all our cells have aged, so we cannot respond the same way.

aging affects us all differently

Aging affects us all differently. As we get older, we start fearing things we never feared before. Fears of not being able to live independently, financial fears, fears of deteriorating, excessive criticism, and fears of failure, among others. Elder people might overthink all these fears and even get stressed in the process of imagining the worst scenario. All these, to a certain level, are normal aging thoughts and part of this part of life. Some adults healthily deal with them, but some just cannot.

Certain signs advise us that stress might be affecting the elder person in this aging process These symptoms weaken the immune system and leave the person more vulnerable to getting sick. Sleeping disorders

  • Eating disorders
  • Depressive mood
  • sleeping disorders

Get ready for it!

Aging is not easy; it affects our lifestyle completely. Aging is hard is not for weak people, it takes guts to deal with the frustration that aging implies. Our body will suffer changes that will imply that we adjust to the new body and the new possibilities we might have. We cannot choose to age but we can choose the way we want to live our golden years. We can do something to live them more healthily. If you suffer these symptoms, if you feel you cannot deal with your aging process, you must do something about it. Ask for help

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