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Ready for Z Generation?

When we talk about Generation Z, we refer to people that were born between 1994 and 2010. Although the Z generation is like the millennials, they are different. The most significant difference between them is the introduction of intelligent phones.

This generation has put all its focus on wellness. Understanding wellness as a combination of physical, emotional, and environmental health. Although Millennials were very aware of their own wellness, the Z generation has engaged in this wellness awareness, the importance of community, and the environment.

Generation Z here they are…

Here goes a quick look to give you a first impression of Generation Z. Please consider that all this is brand new and that as psychologists, we are just at the beginning of the investigation process.

There are characteristics that make this generation unique.

1 They are natively digital. This means that for them technology is like a part of their body. They were born with it. Generation Z came with technology, trusts it, relies on it, and sees it as a way of communication. They use their intelligent phones for absolutely everything.

2. Wellness is physical, emotional, and environmental. This generation understands wellness, as a combination of their physical health, mental health, and awareness of the environment. In fact, they are willing to invest in these three areas to feel well. Generation Z as millennials, expect wellness to be included, as part of their work. They pay attention to the wellness benefits when choosing an employer or company.

3 They know how to consume The Z generation is much more careful and less impulsive to choose what they buy. They consider the effect and impact that the product, and its manufacturing, has on the environment. They use their knowledge, and technical skills to research and look for references before they proceed. They are more influenced by people than companies, reason “influencers” and “YouTubers” play such a key role in their lives.

4 Aware of their privacy They grew up knowing perfectly well the difference between private and public. They protect their privacy and their intimacy. That is the reason the Z generation does not use Facebook, instead, they use Twitter and Instagram where they can select, and have more control, over who can see what they publish.

5. Future-oriented These people are very aware of the need to study something that must provide them with a stable lifestyle. This generation has not always felt safe. They are less “romantic” and more grounded in the earth. Generation Z wishes to be entrepreneurs and have their own companies avoiding having bosses. Financial stability is their need, and that is the way they see it as possible.

6. Importance of responsibility They tend to be responsible regarding their emotions, money, and the environment. They are very aware of the impact of their actions on their community and environment. They honor independency and search for opportunities to prove their valency.

7. Live sexualities in a unique way. They live their sexual life in a much more open way. They respect personal choices and allow themselves to have more doubts about their own choice than other generations ever did.

Bridges between generations

I guess in order to live a more peaceful life we, the older generations need to understand the new generation and try to build bridges between them and us, Although the Zelliniums are just coming out of their shell, we can see them already in the technical, financial, and environmental industries. Their combination is extremely attractive to companies.

It is a threat for the older generations to see, discover and share our lives with this new generation. Understanding them will allow us all to live better and get the best out of them.

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