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Overcoming the emotional Roller coaster when moving away

Well, you are on your way. You feel excited, anxious, scared, and happy, all together. A whole roller coaster of emotions. So much unknown comes with the move. All these changes will push us to learn that there are things we control, and others that we just cannot control. Stop overthinking the “what if,” and just try to focus on the “here and now” and go forward.

Consider that another effect of the COVID outbreak has been fears of being away, abroad, and getting sick. This was and, still is, an extra challenge for people when facing moving abroad. These mixed emotions might frighten you. Try not to panic because it is completely natural to feel that way. Things have changed. Reality is different, let us just try to consider there is no indication that anything like that might happen.

Missing important moments

The fear of missing out, FOMO, now is real. You will miss small and even important, celebrations. Although social media helps, even though technology gives us the possibility to stay connected, nothing will replace the physical “being there.” This is just part of the game. You will live new experiences and they will live theirs. Life will go on for both parties. Admit it. Accept it.

Tips that might help to cope

We put tips together that might help you cope with these mixed feeling that results from moving away from your comfort zone. Hope they help!

  • Allow yourself to feel guilty if you miss home
  • Share your feelings with others
  • Get “familiar “with the new place.
  • Build new routines
  • Open to new experiences and new people
  • Look after your body and take care of your meals
  • Remember your personal goal The why you made this decision.
  • Stay connected. Take benefit from social media

Changing your mind

Just because you decided to go through a studying abroad program, just because you decided to make a move and travel for whatever reason, does not mean you need to stick to it if you are suffering.

See your options, if moving back ends up being the right decision, if it is the best for you after you have seen all the alternatives, there is nothing wrong with it. At least you tried it and have a new clarity of what you want. There is no one-way road in life, it is not a binary system, you need to find what works for you.

Ask for help

Whether you are moving to study, a job, or just willing to live an adventure, the decision might create internal and external struggles. There might be guilt within or from people around us. Feeling guilt is so tricky that it makes it exceedingly difficult to identify what is best for you from what is best for other people

If you feel sad, or depressed. If you have difficulties concentrating if you have an eating or sleeping disorder, and if you do not see improvement during the first few weeks talk to someone and seek support.

There are ways to ask for help. Your mental health must be a priority. No need to suffer, most international ex-pat insurances offer professional support to help cope with anxiety and stress issues related to relocating, and cultural adjustment. Just ask.

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