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Online therapy during the COVID-19 outbreak

Need of online Therapy

The coronavirus has resulted in stress, anxiety, and fear – symptoms that might motivate a person to see a therapist. Because of social distancing, however, in-person sessions are less possible. COVID-19 is forcing most traditional psychotherapists to adapt their practice to online counseling.

Expatas in Argentina

For those expats who lived here, or were in Argentina for whatever reason, and have moved back home, online counseling, was extremely important. Some expats have been experiencing high anxiety levels as a direct result of not being able to get back whenever wanted. Most of our clients  at Estrada Vigil & Medical Group seem to be ok with moving to online counseling, although some have had their resistances at the beginning, after a while both, the therapists and the clients, were able to adapt.

Moving from» in person» to «online therapy»

Even though our professionals at Estrada Vigil & Medical Group can’t wait to get back into the office, and many clients want to go back to face to face sessions, with COVID we all have learned the benefits of online services and are appreciative to serve clients  in need around the world. I am sad our profession needed COVID-19 to address online therapy, but the good news is that the benefits will last for generations.

Online therapy during the COVID-19 outbreak

It goes without saying that the current coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and is impacting on society and the world in lots of different ways. Everything from our health services, to our supermarkets, to the way we live our lives every day, has been affected. On top of this, with social distancing and self-isolation measures in place, it’s not surprising that it’s having an effect on many people’s mental health. For many, this has raised the prospect of online therapy.

Things to be aware of when accessing online therapy:

  1. Try and find a quiet space Consider getting outside for your sessions, garden, patio or even your car might work Somewhere where you’re least likely to be disturbed. Block out any background noise is to wear headphones during your sessions. By minimizing noise and distractions, you’re more likely to be able to get the most out of your sessions and take steps towards positive mental wellbeing.
  • Treat online therapy like a real face-to-face session. Do not hold back during your online sessions – make sure you’re getting things off your chest in the same way you would during a face-to-face session.

At Estrada Vigil & Medical Group we have an online therapy service which can put you in contact with highly qualified specialists, experienced in supporting people with their mental health.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Remember, even if you’re self-isolating, you don’t have to struggle with your mental health. Now is the time to get the online support you need.

For information on our online therapy services contact us by email: or phone :5411 477707327

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