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Why is writing a healing tool?

The healing power of writting.

I come from a family of writers and always thought writing  was a gift some people had .I did»nt .Later, as a psychologist,  I saw that, having the possibility to write was not only  a gift, it was a magic tool that we all can use. I started using it as a healing tool.

Any form of art can be therapeutic. As I see it, any activity that gives you pleasure and takes your mind away from your problems has a positive impact on your mental health. But writing for me has an extra effect.

I discovered with time that you do not have to be a writer or even have writing skills to do this. I am not suggesting you write a book. I am saying that, to write about your feelings can be an extremely helpful tool in the process of resilience. Something extremely in need during the COVID 19 lock down

Emotional health

Like your physical health, your emotional health depends a lot on you. What you eat if you exercise or not, hours you sleep, will help you stay healthier.  Well, let us face it, our emotional health also depends a lot on you, and, to take care of it, is in your hands.

Bulldog Writing

Writing as a healing tool

Use writing as a healing tool. The exercise is simple, just write whatever goes in your mind, with no filters or judgments. Do not think if its right or, wrong, nice, or, rude, if it is not good enough for anyone else to read, just write. Writing helps you balance your emotions. Writing about what disturbs /hurts you will help you enlighten it; will help you understand it ,will empower you and, allow you to even deal with it, perhaps, in a better way.

Through writing you will be able to let your trauma out of your system. Writing about what hurts is there, on the paper, you felt it. You gave words and meaning to it. Now you are ready to deal with it and, even see what you can-do with-it with a little more of objectivity.

Writing helps us soften our emotional suffering. Choose your weapons, screen, pen, or pencil, and get your soul naked. Remember to keep your pain and your emotions locked inside is not beneficial. Take them out. Write it down

The purpose of writing as a “healing tool” is to write, not to read what you wrote. You may write and, after that, throw it away. You can delay it, or, if you wish, you can save it. It just tells you how you felt there. In that moment. You got it out of your system, that was the goal.

Look for help

COVID has taken a toll on our world physically and emotionally. We need to remember people that our mind matters and that its okay not to be okay. If you need assistance with your mental health, treat it as you would any other pain, and ask for help. Find the appropriate provider who can give you the care you need.

Online & in office services

At Estrada Vigil & Medical Group we will be delighted to help you. More than 25 years of experience working in Buenos Aires and abroad taught us how to do it. We are preferred providers for several international insurance companies. Check with your insurance. Do not hesitate to call!

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